Hostgator Wordpress Hosting

What is Hostgator WordPress Hosting?

Now most of the people are dealing with WordPress sites as it does not require any technical or coding knowledge. Hostgator offers great services with the best features which are necessary for your website. Hostgator deals with every type of web hosting service that suits your website niche. The company also provides Hostgator WordPress Hosting for WordPress sites. You can host your WordPress site at a very affordable range with Hostgator WordPress Hosting. The Hostgator WordPress Server provides not only advanced security but also free migrations. The company offers lots of advanced features in its WordPress Hosting plans. 

Why Choose Hostgator WordPress Hosting?

Why Choose Hostgator dedicated Hosting

There are lots of reasons for choosing Hostgator WordPress Hosting. Some of the reasons to choose Hostgator WordPress Hosting are given below:

  • It provides Super Charged Cloud Architecture, low-density server, and multiple caching layers which gives the faster load time to your WordPress hosting.
  • It provides one-click stores which are used for auto backup.
  • To manage the traffic spikes or increase the capacity requirements there is one click scalability.
  • Gives easy access to your email accounts and another hosting resource.
  • It offers a free migration service which will transfer your WordPress website to Hostgator.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Features- Advanced Security and Support

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Features

  1. Supercharged Speed– Hostgator WordPress Hosting provides Supercharged Speed. Without having to configure your caching and CDN, it loads pages at burning speed.
  2. Convenient Simplicity– Hostgator WordPress Hosting is very convenient and it is simple as well. It is very easy to get access to individual files and restores email accounts from a single portal.
  3. Advanced Security– The company offers advanced security features that makes HOstgator a unique web hosting provider. With Hostgator WordPress Hosting, you can allocate resources easily with an easy web hosting platform.
  4. Value and Features– HOstgator WordPress Hosting deals with a number of values and features. It delivers many optimal features like templates and plugins.
  5. Superior Support– It offers excellent customer support. Their expert team is 24*7 available for your questions via telephone or live chat. You can directly contact them and can solve your issue related to the Hostgator WordPress Hosting. 

What are the Hostgator WordPress Hosting Plans?

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Plans

Hostgator WordPress Hosting is one of the most popular types of web hosting. As a number of users are purchasing this type of web hosting for their WordPress Website. There are three type of plan- Starter, Standard and Business Plan in which the Hostgator WordPress Hosting deals with. 

Starter Plan- In Hostgator WordPress Hosting Starter Plan you will get 1 site with 1 GB Backup, Free SSL Certificate only at $5.95/mo. It is one of the cheapest plans. You can get this plan if your website does not have a huge amount of traffic. This hosting plan can handle 100K traffic per month.

Standard Plan- In Standard Plan you will get 2 Sites with 2 GB Backups, Free SSL Certificate at just $7.95/mo. It is suitable for those websites which have medium level of traffic. Medium level of traffic websites can be easily handled by this Hostgator WordPress hosting plan. This plan can handle 200K traffic per month.

Business Plan- This Hostgator WordPress hosting plan provides 3 sites with 3 GB Backup, Free SSL Certificate only just $9.95 per month. If your website has a huge volume of traffic then this is the most suitable Hostgator WordPress Hosting plan. It can handle 500K Visitors per month. If your website have this much of traffic on monthly basis then you can get this suitable plan for your website. 

Plans Sites Backups SSL certificates Price
Starter 1 1 GB Free $5.95
Standard 2 2 GB Free $7.95
Business 3 3 GB Free $9.95

Hostgator offers all these services at an affordable range. Get up to 57% off on WordPress hosting services. Hostgator WordPress Hosting is offering a huge discount on its hosting services. You can get up to 57% off on this most popular Hostgator web hosting. 


As we can see that the company offers excellent features in its WordPress Hosting Plan Package. Hostgator WordPress Hosting is the best and most suitable option for those who have a wordpress site. As it offers advanced features with low cost. You do not need to spend a huge amount of dollars on web hosting. The company is offering a great discount on its WordPress Hosting. 

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