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How to Log in to Hostgator Cpanel?

Hostgator is one of the leading web hosting providers in all over the world. The company is very famous for offering excellent web hosting service at a very affordable range. The company provides flexible web hosting services to its customers. Hostgator offers in-built Cpanel in its all web hosting plan package. Hostgator Cpanel will let you to easily manage your website. 

Cpanel was founded by John Nick Koston in 1996. Cpanel is the short form of Control Panel. As its name suggests, it is provided by the web hosting companies to its customers to easily manage their website from the web interface. With Cpanel you can not only manage the administrative aspect but also can control the technical side of your web hosting. There are very simple steps to login into the Hostgator Cpanel. Before going into the steps of Hostgator Login let’s first discuss What is the use of Hostgator Cpanel. 

What are the different uses of Hostgator Cpanel?

Uses of Hostgator Cpanel

Hostgator Cpanel can be used for multiple things. Below are the things for which you can use Hostgator Cpanel: How to login Cpanel hostgator just follow steps.

  • With Hostgator Cpanel you will get 3 Email types, that are RoundCube, Horde, Squirrel
  • It offers a simple button to get  backup of your entire website.
  • You can manage your data very securely and safely with Hostgator Cpanel.
  • Cpanel checks the status of your website like the traffic.
  • Easy manages your account’s usage of resources like Bandwidth, Disk space storage.
  • It also Installs the SSL certificates for your website.
  • Cpanel manages all the files by using the name built-in file manager.
  • With Hostgator Cpanel you can remove your Domain name from your Hosting account.

How to Login in to Hostgator cPanel?

Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world. The company is very famous for offering reliable web hosting and domain services. It offers flexible web hosting at a very reasonable price.

 It is very simple to login into the Hostgator cpanel. If you have purchased web hosting from Hostgator then you will get an email from hostgator web hosting company regarding your new hosting account. You will also get Hostgator Cpanel webmail account login details and information about the name server. 

You will easily get access to your Cpanel with an unique IP address before migrating the domain name to the Hostgator’s nameservers. That IP address looks like  or (4567 is the Cpanel common port). After the domain, nameservers update setting to point to Hostgator nameservers you will get direct login via https://mydomain.com/cpanel. The login details ( username and password) is mentioned in that email. You have logged in to your Hostgator Cpanel.

What are the Functions of Hostgator Cpanel?

After the login process let’s see what are the functions included in Hostgator Cpanel. Below are the functions that are performed by Hostgator Cpanel:

  • File Manager-  File Manager is the place where you can manage all your files and details of your Hostgator server. There are number of important things that are contained by this File Manager such as Directory Privacy (allows to manage permissions from all directories in your hosting account), FTP related options (helps to delete modify  files in your server without login in panel), Cpanel backup options ( backup of the entire website), Image (convert scale and create thumbnails), Disk usage (shows amount of disk space you are using or amount of space that is left according to your hosting plans).
  • Databases- It includes MySQL Database that performs the task like create, edit, delete and many other.
  • Manage Domains– You can easily Add the domains by Addon domain and you can also choose another domain by subdomain name option.
  • Email Accounts– There is an email option that creates emails for your domains and logi to those emails to view. 
  • Manage your website’s traffic– Hostgator Cpanel helps you to manage your website’s traffic. It will help you to manage traffic, bandwidth, and usage.
  • Increasing Security– Hostgator Cpanel has the number of security services like SSH Access, SS and TLS module.
  • One-Click Installs– You can install a number of things with its One-Click Installation option.
  • Advanced Settings– In advanced settings there are a number of things that you can manage like it contains MME type that allows you to manage the various extensions or check whether it is uploaded or not.


Hostgator offers its Cpanel to help you to manage your website. It is very easy to login into the Hostgator Cpanel. Hope this article helps you to Login to your Hostgator Coanel Account. Stay tuned for more Hostgator updates. 

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