Best ARK Server Hosting Provider in 2024

Best ARK Server Hosting Provider in 2021

ARK: Survival Evolved is a popular adventurous game of action and survival theme, which was released in 2017. It has a vast audience who is kind of addicted to it.

But surprisingly, it receives mixed reviews and criticisms regarding its features and performances, merely due to the need of a server to operate it.

However, lately, there have been increased free ARK server hosting sites, which have made gamers’ lives easier.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll brief you about the best ARK server hosting providers with unproblematic installation, enhanced features, and advanced performances.

Before that, here’s a brief overview on ARK: Survival Evolved for new to use this adventurous video game.

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What is ARK: Survival Evolved?

Video games are a huge business. It is estimated that in the year 2020, the PC gaming mARKet generated around 37 billion U.S. dollars while the mobile gaming mARKeting generated almost 77 billion U.S. dollars of revenue.

Video games are undoubtedly compelling, but they play a powerful role in cheering you up and enabling you to spend a wonderful time from your hectic routine. 

Moreover, ARK: Survival Evolved using ARK free server hosting is one of those video games, which through its venturesome and daring tasks, allow you to boost your self-confidence and opportunities to socialize.

How to play ARK?

The basic rule is to learn how to survive on the mysterious island. For this, you need to use your cunning powers and mind to either kill or tame the monstrous and prehistoric creatures on the shores of the island. 

Also, to survive and dominate on the land, you need to encounter other players or escape from them. In short, this game is extremely audacious, involving players using firearms, offhand weapons to defend themselves.

Also, this game involves single or multiple player options. For multiple player options, cheap ARK server hosting providers are available by which you can share your tamed dinosaurs among your partners. 

Also, there is a PvE version as well, where players cannot fight with each other.

Why Do I need ARK server hosting for this game?

ARK: Survival Evolved is an outstanding game with continuous challenges, an interesting storyline, flexibility for the users, and immediate useful rewards. Such tremendous features make it more vulnerable to be successful among the other well-accomplished video games.

Also, this unique game is captivating and quite addictive, along with being challenging. So, if you think you’ll be able to accomplish much within few days, then you’re highly mistaken. This game requires continuous playing and investing much time in front of your screen.

Moreover, to achieve the fullest rewards and highest warrior level, you need to have a powerful device with maximum speed, but unfortunately, these flexible opportunities are not usually available.

Therefore, to tackle such obstacles, you need to have ARK survival evolved hosting to manage your game in the best way possible.

Let’s walk through some of the advantages of ARK game server hosting;

  • Full command of the game: This best ARK server hosting enables you to have complete control over how to play. Also, owning such ARK cluster server hosting makes you play with other members on your preferences and flexibility.
  • Swift gameplay: Using free ARK server pc, slow speed is no longer a hindrance for you to succeed. In addition, these best ARK server hosting decreases the burden on your devices to the minimum, thus increasing response time and reliability.
  • Decide who can play: Being an owner of the top ARK server hosting, you can decide who can play with you in accordance with their performance and behavior. Moreover, you can invite your friends and family members to join you, making your game more thrilling and fascinating.
  • Accessible round the clock: Based on your preferences, these free ARK server hosting pc enables you and your logged-in friends to play wherever and whenever they want. Moreover, you no longer need to worry about connecting with your friends by changing the server again and again. This will surely save time and will not distract your thrilling adventures by such annoyance.

Can I host a dedicated ARK server for free?

Creating a server is expensive and difficult, while ARK x box one dedicated server hosting on pc is quite easy and simple. You can now download ARK dedicated server for free even without owing ARK on steam. 

In addition, these dedicated servers, as the name suggests, are highly reliable, flexible, stable, with a faster connection to use. Also, they permit more storage capacity and more opportunities, and advanced features for your favorite games and apps.

These dedicated best ARK server hosting handles the following data:

  • Scores and regulations of the game
  • Location of each player
  • Players collaboration and communication
  • Activity and schemes of all the players
  • Main features and control of the game.

However, to make use of the dedicated server in the most efficient, you need to make sure that you have a good internet connection.

Can I Host My Own Ark Server?

Yes, you can host your own ARK server. It’s pretty easy, and it doesn’t require any hectic procedure or advanced systems.

To host your own server, the following requirements are necessary;

1.   Operating system: To have the best ARK server hosting, you need to have a 64-bit Operating system. This will make your hosting simple and easier. However, if you have an operating system but of lesser bits, it might be a total time waste due to troubleshooting.

2.   RAM: To operate top ARK server hosting, at least 6 GB RAM is necessary. In addition, if the number of players increases above 100, you may require an extra 4 GB of RAM to run your server smoothly and efficiently.

3.   Bandwidth: For efficient ARK server hosting, fast internet and reliable upload speed of around 10MBs or more is required. Similarly, if the number of players increases, then more speed would be required.

4.   Network: For effective ARK free server hosting, efficient network ports are required to work effortlessly.

5.   Hosting Environment: For an operative server, a hosting environment is very crucial as it mainly decides your operating system, RAM, and other necessary aspects.

How Much Is a Server on the Ark?

It all depends upon the circumstances. You may host a dedicated server for free, too, but it may have limitations. However, you can pay almost $100 or more per month for an advanced dedicated server.

Generally, the more users, the more resources will be required, such as RAM, bandwidth, and operating system. Therefore, more investment would be needed in accordance with it.

What’s a Good Server Host Provider for Ark Servers?

There are many remARKable server host providers available with valuable features and parameters. Let’s walk through a few of the best ARK server hosting providers, about which we have collected info for you. We hope this will make your gaming life easier and facile.


ScalaCube is one of the finest ARK ps4 dedicated server hosting providers. It’s an instant server setup with full FTP access feasible for all types of devices, either PC, x box or Ps4. 

By using ScalaCube, you can have full control of your server through their tremendous control panel. Moreover, the new features get updated automatically and frequently, making the game more audacious.

Besides this, unlimited traffic and their 100% availability make it pro, among others. This makes your traffic remain free with maximum bandwidth enabling ARK to run smoothly.

Following are its main features:

  • Free domain
  • Standard storage or SSD drive
  • Easy changes of server settings and maps can be made
  • Instant server development
  • Secure environment

Their 24/7 customer services are highly appreciable. Moreover, you can enjoy all these incredible features at a very reasonable rate starting at $15 per month for ten slots. 


Ps4 ARK server hosting HostHavoc and PC and Xbox offer the highest availability using their most reliable data centres and uplinks. 

Also, their instant setup services make it easier to update and host the server in no time automatically.

Besides this, their hosting network is set up on the latest CPUs, Ryzen, and Xeon series, which makes it immensely fast with around 4.6 GHz speed.

Their command features include:

  • DLC supported system
  • Full-time network availability
  • Reliable uplinks
  • Backup available
  • NVME SSD Storage
  • Ultra-fast processors

In addition, their response team is super active, which replies to your queries within 10 minutes. Also, they are highly secure, and their data centres are available at ten different sites, which is valuable as location matters!

Survival Server

Survival servers are a highly demanded lag-free ARK x box server hosting provider with high-performance hardware with hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. They have a sophisticated instant setup mechanism that can upgrade at any time.

One specialty about them is that they have an affiliate program, through which customers can 10% commission on all the invoices for life -no matter big or small.

Below listed are a few of its best features:

  • Active community forum to assist you
  • FTP access available
  • SSD drives
  • DDoS protection
  • Several hosting destinations

Moreover, they have dual CPU Xeon processors, and they can offer multiple mods like Crystal Isles, Extinction, The Center, Ragnarok, Genesis, and many others.


This being best ARK server hosting provider has been serving gamers for the last fourteen years. The unique feature they have initiated is a mobile control panel that can enable you to administer your server anytime, anywhere easily. 

Besides this, their gaming network is beyond one’s expectations as they have carefully designed it under remARKable professionals. Also, their hardware processors include a wide range of Intel CPUs, including i7 or i9, robust E3 processors, and AMD Ryzens.

Listed below are a few of its best features:

  • New hardware each year
  • Professional control panel
  • 24/7 advanced support system
  • Host to all games
  • Full backup systems
  • Quality speed and dedicated memory
  • 3000 above servers worldwide for the ARK
  • Wider coverage as more than 15 data centers around the globe


This ARK server hosting pc has been hosting 100 plus game servers and has built a stronghold in the gaming community because of its well-equipped features, excellent services, and support.

Besides this, it is pocket-friendly with powerful hardware, an innate control panel, and advanced features. They guarantee automatic mod installation, automatic updates & backups, and money-back opportunities if you are not satisfied with its services.

Other important features include:

  • 100% uptime
  • Free subdomain
  • DDoS protection
  • DLC maps and custom maps
  • 24/7 customer care services

All these facilities start at $14.99/month for 30 slots. 


This top ARK hosting provider has a unique panel that helps you manage settings and control configuration efficiently. Also, it is merely known for its simplicity. Along with being simple and easy to use, it exhibits liv mod support, greater speed, and an extraordinary game-play experience. 

Moreover, you can manage your server hosting through the Nodecraft app on your mobile phones.

Its other main features include:

  • Persistent stability, highly secure and huge time-play
  • Powerful Xeon processors
  • Advanced error-correcting ECC RAM
  • DDoS protection with 1 GBPS uplink
  • Immense SSD and hard disc

Moreover, it has multiple server destinations worldwide, and its price starts at only $9.98/month with a 7-day money-back guarantee. 


This top ARK server hosting provider has impressive features which make it simple yet remARKable, among others. These features include:

  • Offsite backup
  • Quick and automatic setup
  • Easy to operate servers
  • Extensive support team
  • Procedural map generator to simplify usability

Moreover, it has advanced mod download and updating for your ease. Also, its servers are located in 8 different cities around the globe.

 Final Words

There are multiple top ARK servers hosting providers with unique features and extraordinary services. Selecting the best among them is quite challenging due to increased scams and tough competition these days. To make your life simple, we have summarized a few of the best servers in this article.

We hope that the details mentioned above clear all your doubts and clear your confusion in the best way possible. Therefore, before selecting the server for yourself, make sure it satisfies all your needs and is suitable for your location.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a trending adventurous game that can upgrade your inner amusement. To enjoy the best version of it, we would recommend you to definitely purchase one of the servers mentioned above to enjoy better network, upgraded features, and thrilling gameplay.

Please share your feedback with us at so that we can overcome the loopholes in this blog if any. Additionally, you can read our latest blog on “Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Sites in India.”

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