InMotion Vs Siteground – What’s the Best Choice in 2022?

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InMotion vs SiteGround

Are you thinking of starting an online business? Not sure whether you should use InMotion vs SiteGround?

Hosting is the key to your business that helps you to generate traffic and sales. In this post, we’ll show you a detailed comparison of InMotion and SiteGround. The goal is to break down their advantages and disadvantages to help you choose the best option for your business.

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Let’s dig in.

InMotion vs SiteGround Overview

InMotion vs Siteground two are the most popular hosting provider in the industry. Millions of businesses are running in these two. They have a lot of users who believe these are among the hosting providers.

But not of these two perfect for every business, let’s check out what these hostings are used for.

What is InMotion Hosting Used for?

InMotion hosting

InMotion hosting is used for businesses like bloggers, store owners, agencies, and more. It offers great hosting services that include customer support, different kinds of hosting, security and reliability, and more.

What is SiteGround Hosting Used for?

SiteGround hosting

SiteGround hosting is used for every kind of small and medium business. It is one of the popular shared hosting providers that offer different kinds of hosting options. In addition, it offers tremendous features that don’t provide other hostings.

InMotion vs SiteGround Features

Both hostings offer a great number of features that you can deploy on your WordPress website or eCommerce store and make your site secure, faster, and reliable.

Let’s see what features these hosting providers offer.

InMotion Hosting Features

InMotion hosting features
  • Easy Backup: It offers free backup and migration.
  • Multiple Hosting: You can use different types of hosting such as shared, managed, WordPress, dedicated, and more.
  • Website Builder: It offers free website builders that allow you to make your website easily.
  • Money Back: Industry leading 90 day full money-back guarantee.
  • Free HTTPS: It offers free SSL certificates and SSD that help to make your site secure.
  • And more.

SiteGround Hosting Features

  • Weebly Builder: It offers free drag and drop Weebly Sitebuilder for all of their plans.
  • Unlimited Domain: It allows you to connect as many domains as you want.
  • Site Tool: You can use additional site tools that help to boost your site traffic and sales.
  • Money Back: It offers a 30 Day Money-Back guarantee.
  • Cache: You don’t need to add any additional cache plugin, SiteGround offers you a free built-in super cache that will make your website faster.
  • And more.

Winner: Both InMotion and SiteGround are independent hosting providers. SiteGround doesn’t offer a free domain. However, in motion offers free domain on their 12-month plan. On the other hand, SiteGround offers limited disk space and that is (Up to 30B), and InMotion offers unlimited.

So InMotion is the clear winner.

InMotion vs Siteground WordPress hosting

As said earlier, both hosting offers different types of hosting that include WordPress. It is the leading CMS that covers over 42% worldwide. This is one of the reasons most hosting providers now offer WordPress for their hosting plans.

InMotion WordPress Hosting

  • Installed WordPress: It offers pre-installed WordPress, this means you don’t need to install it separately.
  • Free Website Transfer: It allows you to migrate your site free of cost with assistance.
  • Optimized Stack: You can use their stack that is fully optimized for the latest PHP version, WP-CLI and more.
  • Free Theme: You don’t need to buy WordPress themes separately, this hosting includes a free theme.
  • Additional Addon: It includes Jetpack license, Speed Coach, Total Upkeep, and more.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting

  • Easy WordPress Launch: You can launch WordPress in just a few minutes.
  • Free Migrator Service: It offers a free WordPress migrator plugin that helps you to transfer your website from different hosting to SiteGround.
  • Automate Update: You don’t need to update your plugin and theme, the team will be managed by themselves.
  • Free CDN and Cache: It offers free CDN and the free SG Optimizer plugin for powerful caching.
  • Additional Addons: You can also use additional options like SSL, backups, email service, and more.

Winner: InMotion offers a lot of free options than SiteGround. Also, InMotion has 4 price plans to choose from for WordPress hosting, while SiteGround has its usual three price tiers.

So the winner is InMotion.

InMotion vs Siteground User Interface

InMotion and SiteGround both have similar user interfaces that are easy to use and deploy. Both are offering Cpanel that is mostly used for shared hosting.

InMotion UI

InMotion hosting has a mixture of a custom UI called the AMP. AMP gives you access to most of the important stuff via dedicated icons.

You can also get CPanel and WHM, the traditional software used by most web hosting companies.

SiteGround UI

SiteGround launched its new user interface that is fully attractive and clear. Users can easily understand and navigate whatever they want. It is pretty much better than the previous UI (User Interface).

Winner: Both offer great UI that’s attractive for their users.

InMotion VS Siteground Performance

No one likes slow websites, that’s why speed and performance are very important for every website. If your website doesn’t load fast you might lose a huge amount of traffic and sales. So it’s better to choose the right hosting that makes your site faster and smarter.

InMotion Speed and Performance

InMotion hosting is fast and reliable, they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee this means your site will never down ever. Best of all, their all hosting plans come up with advanced cache tools that help you to make your site fully optimized and performed well.

SiteGround Speed and Performance

SiteGround enables static caching for your website, so you can easily switch it off or add more layers, like dynamic cache and Memcached so you get the performance you want. Best of SiteGround has its own cache plugin and that is the SiteGround Optimizer plugin.

Winner: While InMotion doesn’t offer any additional cache plugin, SiteGround offers its own cache plugin that speeds up your site 2x faster.

So the winner is SiteGround.

InMotion vs Siteground Support

What if you’re stuck somewhere? What if you need an expert for directions? You never know if your hosting provider doesn’t offer real-time support.

InMotion Support

The support of InMotion is very clear, they have created an optimized page with different layers.

  • Sales Support
  • Email Support
  • Account and Billing
  • Web Design Services

SiteGround Support

  • Live Chat
  • Phone Support
  • Helpdesk Tickets

Winner: While InMotion doesn’t offer ticket support, SiteGround offers help desk tickets.

InMotion vs Siteground Pricing

InMotion and SiteGround both have their own and customizable pricing plan.

InMotion Pricing

The starting price of InMotion is $5.99 per month.

SiteGround Pricing

The starting price of SiteGround is $4.99 per month.

Winner: InMotion offers much better than SiteGround pricing. Their pricing is very customizable and affordable.

Final Words

InMotion vs SiteGround, we tried to compare these two in this article. We hope while reading this article you can easily choose the best hosting for your site.

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