WPEngine Review

If you’re looking for a reliable, fully managed WordPress platform, WPEngine is definitely worth considering. In this review, we’ll take a look at all the features that WPEngine has to offer and see if it’s the right hosting solution for your needs.

WP Engine Review for WordPress – Specific Features

WP Engine provides a range of specific features designed to make managing your WordPress site easier.

WPEngine Dashboard Design

The WP Engine dashboard is designed to be user-friendly, with easy navigation and simple visual elements. From the dashboard, you can manage multiple sites and access helpful information like analytics data and activity logs.

Automated Backups

WP Engine also offers an automated backups feature that allows you to restore your site from any previous backup version. Backups are done daily and can be enabled or disabled depending on the size of your website.

WPEngine Security

WP Engine also provides a security suite with features like malware scanning, real-time intrusion detection, and brute force protection. This helps protect your website against malicious attacks and other threats.

Additionally, WP Engine provides a secure hosting environment with server-level firewalls and isolated databases. This ensures that all the data your website collects is protected and not accessible by unauthorized people.

Additionally, they provide comprehensive backup & restore features to easily recover from any security breach or malfunction in case of an emergency. All these measures help keep your website safe and secure.

WP Engine also offers malware removal services to help quickly remove any malicious code that might have been inserted into your website. This allows you to maintain a secure website without having to worry about any malicious attacks. With WP Engine, you can be confident that your website is well-protected and in safe hands.

Moreover, WP Engine also offers optional SSL certificates for encrypting user data and enhancing security on your website. This helps protect your user’s data and keep it safe from hackers.

Support options

WPEngine also includes a detailed online resources center and knowledgebase to help you learn more about the WP engine platform. The resource center provides helpful tutorials, guides, and videos to help you get the most out of your experience.

In addition, the knowledge base is filled with frequently asked questions, product documentation, and other helpful information. Plus, with these resources, you can quickly find answers to your questions and get the support you need.

Best of all, WPEngine’s customer support team is available 24/7 to offer help and guidance. You can access the support team via phone, email, or live chat directly from your user portal. The team is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the platform. They are able to answer any questions you may have and can help you get the most out of your WPEngine experience.

Overall, WP Engine’s support options make it easy to get the help and information you need. With access to the resources center and knowledgebase, as well as a dedicated customer support team, WP Engine makes it easy to get started with your website.


Performance should be a major consideration when looking for a web host, and WP Engine provides numerous features to help ensure your site is running quickly. With the included Content Delivery Network (CDN) service, WP Engine ensures your website can load as quickly as possible for all visitors.

In addition, the Page Performance solution allows you to test your site and make improvements, while the GeoTarget add-on helps to optimize your site for specific regions.

Plus, with 19 server locations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, you can be sure your site will load quickly no matter where it’s being viewed from. WP Engine takes performance seriously, and its features are designed to ensure your website runs as quickly as possible.

Page speed tests with Pingdom

For the next phase of our WP Engine Review for WordPress performance, we wanted to test the page loading speeds of a basic WordPress site from multiple locations around the world, using Pingdom. This would give us an indication of how WP Engine performs in the real world.

The results of our tests showed that a basic WordPress site hosted on WP Engine loaded quickly from all locations.

  • New York: 0.52 seconds
  • Melbourne: 0.57 seconds
  • San Jose: 0.33 seconds
  • Stockholm: 0.40 seconds

These are impressive results, confirming that WP Engine can provide great performance from anywhere in the world. We also re-ran our tests a few days later to check for any variations, and the results were consistent with our initial tests. This indicates that WP Engine is able to keep its performance levels consistently high over long periods of time.

What Makes WP Engine Stand Out?

WPEngine stands out from the competition by offering a fully managed WordPress experience that takes care of everything from server updates and security to caching, content delivery networks, and more.

The platform also provides access to a range of powerful high-performance tools, such as staging sites, automated backups, migrations, 24/7 live support, real-time threat detection, and an integrated CDN for faster page load times.

Pros of WP Engine Hosting

1. Fully Managed WordPress Environment:

WPEngine takes care of all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website, from server updates and security to caching, content delivery networks, and more.

2. High-Performance Tools:

WPEngine provides access to a range of powerful high-performance tools, such as staging sites, automated backups, migrations, 24/7 live support, real-time threat detection, and an integrated CDN for faster page load times.

3. Easy Migration:

Moving your website to WPEngine is easy thanks to their migration process which can be done in just a few clicks.

4. Reliable Security:

WPEngine provides robust security features such as two-factor authentication, malware scanning, and automated daily backups to keep your website safe from threats.

Cons of WP Engine Hosting

1. Limited Storage Space:

The basic plan offers only 10GB of storage, which may not be enough for larger websites.

2. Cost:

WPEngine is more expensive than other hosting solutions, so it may not be the best choice for those on a tight budget.

3. Limited Customization:

WPEngine’s managed WordPress environment limits the ability to customize certain aspects.

Overall, WPEngine is a great choice for those looking for a fully managed WordPress hosting solution. It offers reliable performance and many powerful tools, although it can be more expensive than other hosting solutions.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform with the latest features and top-notch security, WPEngine may be the right choice for you.


WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting offers a variety of plans to fit your needs, ranging from low-resource options for individuals up to an enterprise-level solution with scalability and power. No matter the size or scope of your project, WP Engine has you covered!

WPEngine offers 5 main plans – Startup, Professional, Growth, Scale and, Custom

Startup ($30 per month): With this entry-level tier, you get support for up to 25,000 visits per month, one website, 10GB of storage, and 50GB of bandwidth. You’ll also get an SSL certificate, access to a global CDN, and a few other key features.

Professional ($59 per month): This plan allows you to set up three sites and welcome up to 75,000 visitors a month. You also get 15 GB of storage.

Growth ($115 per month): This plan increases your traffic support to 100,000 and provides you with ten sites. In addition to more resources, you get access to 24/7 phone support and can import your own SSL.

Scale ($290 per month): With this plan, you can support up to 400,000 visits and have 15 sites with 30 GB of storage. You’ll also get access to staging environments for testing, one-click upgrades for themes and plugins, and a secure login system.

Custom (Custom pricing): This plan is for large-scale businesses that require custom solutions. With this plan, you’ll get dedicated account management and unlimited sites, storage, and transfers.

All of these plans are not cheap but they do offer a lot of features and power. If you’re looking for a reliable managed hosting solution that offers top-notch customer support, WPEngine is a great choice.

However, if you’re looking for cheap managed WordPress hosting, you can go with Cloudways managed cloud hosting. They offer a pay-as-you-go pricing system, with plans starting as low as $10 per month.

Who Should Choose WP Engine?

Small Businesses

WP Engine provides small business owners with a reliable platform to build and maintain their websites. With its powerful tools and features, it can help businesses create high-quality websites quickly and easily. Additionally, WP Engine offers scalable solutions that are perfect for businesses looking to grow over time.


Large enterprises can benefit from WP Engine’s enterprise-level solutions. These include custom service plans, dedicated customer support teams, and secure servers that can handle large volumes of traffic. WP Engine’s team is also available to help with any customization needs enterprises may have.


WP Engine provides agencies with the necessary tools and resources for building high-quality websites for their clients. From automated backups and staging sites to a multitude of plugins and themes, WP Engine can help agencies deliver top-notch results quickly.


WP Engine is the perfect choice for building eCommerce websites. The platform offers tools such as shopping cart integration, secure checkout pages, and support for multiple payment gateways. Additionally, WP Engine’s high-performance servers ensure that your website can keep up with heavy traffic without crashing.

What Tools Does WP Engine Offer?

Smart Plugin Manager

WP Engine’s Smart Plugin Manager helps you manage and optimize your plugins for better performance. It can detect conflicts between plugins and identify issues with plugin updates that could impact website performance. Additionally, the Smart Plugin Manager can help you disable plugins automatically when they aren’t in use and detect malicious activity.

Website Monitoring

WP Engine’s website monitoring tool helps you track the performance of your website. It can monitor uptime, page loading speed, and website errors to help you identify problems quickly and take action. Additionally, WP Engine’s monitoring tool can detect potential security risks and flag them for your attention.

Website Tester

WP Engine’s website tester helps you identify potential problems with your website before they become a bigger issue. This tool can detect broken links, missing images, and other errors that could affect the user experience. Additionally, it can also scan your website for malware and other malicious activity.

WordPress Themes and Tools

WP Engine provides users with access to thousands of WordPress themes and tools. This includes both free and premium themes, as well as a wide selection of plugins and tools for customizing your website. Additionally, WP Engine can help you find compatible themes that will work best with your website.

Local WordPress Development

WP Engine’s local WordPress development tool allows you to test and develop your website on a local server before publishing it. This helps ensure that your website is free of errors and glitches before you launch it to the public.

Additionally, you can use the local development tool to experiment with different plugins and themes without worrying about affecting the live site.

WPEngine Featured Plugin

For the next phase of our WP Engine Review for WordPress-featured plugins, WP Engine provides several options that are easy to install and use.

Advanced Custom Fields

(ACF) is one such plugin, allowing WP Engine users to take full control of their WordPress edit screens and custom field data. With the help of WP Engine’s straightforward plugin-installation process, users can quickly and easily set up the ACF plugin to customize their WordPress database with additional fields, including text, images, file uploads, and more.

WP Migrate

WP Migrate is another WP Engine-featured plugin that makes it simpler than ever to perform database migrations between WordPress sites. WP Engine customers can easily WP Migrate on two or more WordPress sites and simply push/pull the database, media, themes, and plugins between those sites. WP Migrate is an invaluable tool and the perfect workflow tool for thousands of professional WordPress developers.

WP Offload Media

WP Offload Media is a WP Engine-featured plugin designed to help users manage their media assets and deliver them quickly and securely. WP Offload Media uses WP Engine’s global Content Delivery Network to serve media files from the closest WP Engine location, which helps ensure faster loading speeds and improved user experience.

WP Offload SEC

Last but not least, WP Engine’s WP Offload SEC can be used to send all site emails through your Amazon SES account. WP Offload SEC offers the benefits of sending your site emails through Amazon SES without the negatives. WP Engine customers can use WP Offload SEC to route WP Engine’s mail server to Amazon SES and take full advantage of WP Engines’ email sending capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About WP Engine

1. Is WP Engine a shared hosting company?

No, WP Engine is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform that provides customers with optimized hosting solutions. WP Engine’s services are designed and tailored to meet the needs of WordPress and WooCommerce websites. WP Engine offers a variety of hosting plans, including dedicated servers and managed-to-host services.

2. What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a type of hosting solution specifically designed to be optimized for WordPress websites. WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting services that provide customers with optimized WP hosting solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. WP Engine services include security and performance enhancements, daily backups, automatic updates, and more.

3. What is WP Engine’s uptime?

WP Engine guarantees 99.95% uptime, which means your WP website will be available and running smoothly at all times. WP Engine also provides customers with additional uptime guarantees in the form of SLAs.

4. Is WP Engine worth your money?

Yes, WP Engine is worth the money. WP Engine provides customers with optimized WP hosting solutions tailored to meet their specific needs and offers a variety of plans to choose from. WP Engine also offers a host of features, including daily backups, automatic updates, and security enhancements that make WP Engine an excellent value. WP Engine reviews also indicate positive user feedback, making WP Engine an excellent choice for WordPress websites.

5. Where are WP Engine Servers Located?

WP Engine servers are located in multiple data centers across the US, UK, and Asia. WP Engine also offers customers the ability to choose a data center for their WP website. WP Engine also provides customers with the choice to select a data center that is geographically closer to their target audience, thereby reducing latency and improving website performance.

6. Does WP Engine support WordPress multisite?

Yes, WP Engine offers full support for WordPress multisite. WP Engine’s suite of hosting plans includes the ability to configure multiple sites with a single WP Engine account. WP Engine also offers integrated caching and optimization services for WordPress multisite, making it an ideal hosting solution for websites that require multiple sites.

7. Can I cancel WP Engine hosting and get a refund?

Yes, WP Engine offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that customers have 60 days to try WP Engine hosting services and can cancel within that time to receive a full refund. WP Engine’s customer support team is also available to provide assistance on how to go about cancelling your WP Engine hosting plan.

8. Which WP Engine hosting plan is right for me?

The WP Engine hosting plan that is right for you depends on your website’s specific needs. WP Engine offers several different plans ranging from Starter to Business, each of which has different levels of resources and features to accommodate different types of websites.

WP Engine also offers a WP Engine Review page where customers can compare WP Engine hosting plans to determine the right solution for their website.

WPEngine Review: Do I Recommend It?

WPEngine is an all-in-one managed WordPress hosting platform that takes care of all the technical aspects of running a website. WPEngine has been around since 2010 and is one of the most popular WordPress hosting platforms available.

WPEngine offers users a wide range of features such as automatic updates, 24/7 security monitoring, daily backups, access to WP-CLI, and much more. WPEngine also offers free SSL certificates for all plans and a free website transfer service so you can easily move your existing WP site to WPEngine.

Overall, WPEngine is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable managed WordPress hosting solution. WPEngine provides users with high performance, robust security features, and a great selection of features.

WPEngine also offers excellent customer service and an easy-to-use dashboard that makes managing your WP site a breeze. WPEngine is one of the most popular WordPress hosting solutions available, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable managed WP host.

Overall, I would recommend WPEngine as a managed WP hosting platform to anyone looking for reliable and secure WordPress hosting.

WP Engine Alternatives

WP Engine is a powerful web hosting service for businesses of all sizes. However, WP Engine may not be the best choice for everyone. There are several WP Engine alternatives available that may offer better features and pricing.

Depending on the size of your website, budget, and requirements, you may want to consider WP Engine alternatives such as Bluehost, Kinsta, WPX Hosting, and Cloudways.

Bluehost is a popular WP Engine alternative offering shared hosting plans and WordPress-specific hosting. You can also check out the complete Bluehost Review.

Kinsta is a WP Engine competitor that provides managed WordPress hosting with features such as automatic backup, security updates, and automatic scaling.

WPX Hosting is another WP Engine alternative that provides fast hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Lastly, Cloudways provides cloud-based WP Engine hosting solutions with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

When deciding between WP Engine and its alternatives, be sure to compare features, pricing, and customer support. WP Engine offers high-quality hosting services with great customer service but is often more expensive than its competitors.

WP Engine alternatives offer a variety of features and pricing plans that might be more suitable for your needs.

Ultimately, the best WP Engine alternative will depend on the unique requirements of your website and the features you are looking for. WP Engine reviews can help you decide which WP Engine alternative is best for you.

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